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Keep BUGs off your lawn. Call us today for a free evaluation at no obligation. Our technicians can maintaining your yard healthy and safe from Fire ants, African ants, Roaches, Chinch bugs, White grubs and other pests that can definatelly harm your yard and your family.



Lawn Pesticide is very efficient against Roaches, Ants, Fleas, Ticks, Spiders and many other insects. It prevents intruders from getting inside your property.

Chinch Bugs Are Definately Bad For Your Lawn anyone that has chinch bugs, but especially in warmer areas such as Florida, will notice that the infestation can end up causing major damage to and even completely ruining their lawns. But if you don't know what you're looking for then you might not recognize a chinch bug lawn problem, or any other chinch bug signs or chinch bugs symptoms. Call us today wether to determine if you need to get a chinch bug treatment.


FUNGUS: Lawn fungus grows in a variety of colors and environmental conditions. A proper fungicide usually takes care of the problem. Good lawn maintenance, regular mowing and watering remains the best solution through prevention. Knowing how to identify a lawn fungus early, before it kills your grass, saves you time and money correcting the problem.


FERTILIZING: We offer fertilizing year program that takes care of your lawn, trees and ornamentals. Talk with one of our experienced technicians.