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Above all, we value our customer relationships and the Pest Control is committed to providing each customer with quality service and total customer satisfaction.

Our mission as a pest control company is to promote our role as the protectors of food, health, property and the environment by using technical knowledge and communication.

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rats & mice control

clean out for fleas and ticks is the best measure to get rid of them.

The life cycle of the flea. From egg to larvae to adult is approximately from three to six weeks. The most efficient way to get rid of fleas & ticks is by breaking their cycle. As a practical matter our treatment will include follow ups which is almost certainto repeat the treatment in order to catch the fleas from the larvae that didn't get destroyed the first time around. This is also why it is important to address the problem of the eggs and larvae as well as the adult fleas.



RODENT TRAP SYSTEM: If rodents are inside of your house, attic or garage, in this case we will use our trap system to catch these intruders and then remove them out of your property. Traps are very effective to catch rodents inside properties and it's the most appropriate measure in order to guarantee you that these rodents will not die inside of your attic or between the walls of your home. Manning Pest Control does not recommend putting down poison of any kind against rodents inside of your house. This measure can prevent the frustration of having bad odor in your home and not knowing where it's coming from or if it's coming from an inaccessible area.

CLOSING RODENT ACCESS PERMANENTLY: It is very important to thoroughly inspect the outside areas of your home looking for possible access to the inside of the house. It's very common to see how rodents gets access to the house through foundation gaps, palm tree branches touching the roof top, wires that leads to the roof opening or roof vent, open soffit vents, broken tiles with open gaps to the attic. Manning Brothers Pest Control recommends all branches to be cut back from roof and walls, cut back bushes from walls, palm trees away from the house, AC lines and pipes going through walls to be closed with cement and closing any foundation gaps or roof openings to prevent rodents accessing the interior of your home.

RODENT BAIT STATIONS: Yes, we still recommend bait station to be place on the outside perimeter of your home. This measure is very effective and prevents rodents from having access to the inside of your home. Rodent bait stations after properly installed needs to be monitored not to be relocated and for internal bait replacement at least every 30 days in order to keep bait fresh and attractive.

We service all types of residential and commercial properties for rodent control and extermination. Our combined experience range over 30 years and we are proud to say that we are productive in all we do. We take pride on every job we perform trying to achieve 100% level of customer satisfaction.

Our trained exterminators can surely advise you on how to eliminate the rodent situation that you are facing. Gives us a try and let us be your pest control of choise.

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